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  • Only the work created by the entrant (individual) is accepted.

  • There is no restriction on the nature scenery size.

  • The picture of the layout can be taken by any person other than the creator of the layout. 

  • Those individuals who are involved in the administration of, or judges of international nature scaping contests are unacceptable (This condition does not apply to IAPLC/EAEC-authorized contests.)

  • Applying under a name other than the name of the creator of the layout, including the name of family members and others, may be a subject of disqualification.

  • Your application may be invalidated if it violates the Guidelines and Rules, doesn’t meet application requirements, or if the EAEC ʼ steering committee deems it inappropriate.

  • Regarding issues related to the similarity between works, and simultaneous submission of an identical work to a non-EAEC authorized contest, the decision taken by the EAEC steering committee is final.

  • The number of works showcased hasn't been decided, yet. Lower-ranked entries may not be included.

  • Please note that the EAEC steering committee does not take any questions regarding the grading and results of the contest.

  • The EAEC-authorized contests, sponsors and co-sponsored Magazines are subject to change. Please check the latest information.



Subject to point deductions


  • Reuse of similar motif that has been demonstrated in any work formerly submitted in prior years to this contest or any other authorized contest (including use of the same composition materials, rearrangement of any past layout through mere change of plants and reversal of any past layout.)

  • Layout remarkably resembling any of the past top winning entries of the authorized contest is subject to point deductions.

  • Pictures were taken at an angle and/or showing only a part of the tank. 

  • The submission of an identical work to the EAEC or authorized contests is accepted only if the contestant shall not release any images of the work on the internet, publications or any distribution media before the official result announcement and release by any of EAEC and IAPLC authorized contests.

  • Once image data has been submitted, it cannot be replaced.


Copyright of EAEC entries

  • By submitting your Artwork to EAEC, the participant will automatically authorize its full use of all submitted content: photos, videos, texts or any other information, by the organization of this contest and the sponsors, without any restriction of disclosure, by printed media, television, digital media, or any other means of data transmission or form that may exist, without any type of charge.

  • The copyrights of the entries belong to the author and EAEC. The organization and sponsors have the right to use the pictures free of charge with unlimited access, but the participants own the copyright.

  • Use of any entry for advertisement and/or publication purposes without the consent of EAEC is strictly prohibited.

  • Private disclosure of entry on social networking media must take place only after the official disclosure by EAEC or any other authorized IAPLC contest. 

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