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EAEC contest is born with the highest standards to offer to all participants pure, neutral, and fair competition.  The board and judging committee is a selection of renowned experts in different fields that will create yearly a genuine mix of criteria in line with the contest goals, guidelines and rules.

The yearly selected judges will bring their expert insight to evaluate the presented works. Judges are split into 2 groups:

  • General judges: 6 renowned judges with expertise in the field.  Those judges will evaluate with high standards each criterion from every category. General judges will come from the field: past winners of EAEC/IAPLC, professionals, Aquarium & Zoo professionals, field media publishers, etc.

  • Specialized judges: 7 renowned professionals, with or without expertise on aquarium or paludarium, to evaluate only his field category with the highest standards.

Specialized judges are renowned professionals from different fields: arts, photography, biologists, botanists, publicist, designers…

The specialized judges will exclusively judge their speciality and their score will be worth double (x2).


Judges will be strictly confidential; no judge will be informed of the other judges.

The works will be presented to the judges with a reference bond to preserve the anonymity of the works presented.

Judges will be announced 14 days before the award ceremony, by announcing one Judge per day.

Participants are forbidden to investigate, ask around, request advice, or show their work photos to members of the EAEC Board or current contest judges. The first violation of the rules will give rise to a warning, any other attempt will imply the disqualification of the participant. Continued attempts to contact the members of the EAEC Board or judges will be considered an attempt to influence the score and will result in banning the participant from the contest for that calendar year. At the same time, any judge that becomes somehow public before November, or leak any sort of information, or violates the rules of the contest will be discarded and replaced by a new judge.


One judge a day from November 14 till 26, 2021.


One judge a day from November 14 till 26, 2021.

One judge a day from November 1 till 13, 2021.

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